Most thought leadership is a waste of time

By Richard Moss, CEO, Good Relations

Blimey...I wish they would get to the point!

OK… I will. Most thought leadership is a total waste of time.

How much time today have you got to sort out somebody’s ramblings in a white paper. How many minutes are you willing to dedicate to waiting for some insight in a podcast. How long is that speech going to go on for!

The truth is today, we just haven’t got the time. We want insight, we want to hear the point of view of peers and experts….but let’s be honest, we want most of all for it to be served up to us quickly!

So, if you’re a business or an individual with something to share, how do you make sure you get to the point quickly?

The answer, in a word, is planning. Most thought leadership lacks it. Effective thought leadership is built around it.

One planning framework we use at Good Relations is our Point of View framework. It has four sections:-

1. Belief - What is it that I believe about the world?

2. Behaviour - How do I act differently as a result of this belief?

3. Benefit - What are the benefits that these beliefs and behaviours provide?

4. Action - What actions do I want my audience to take as a result?

It works. Try it. Then get all of your peers to follow suit. Before you know it you’ll have everyone on the same page and few spare minutes in the day to waste.

Thought leadership works. If you are interested in finding out more about how it could work better for you, join our LinkedIn groupor if you would like to attend one of our events, contact Holly on